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ARC Learn-to-Swim Level 3 Stroke Development and Cub Scout Swimming Sports Pin

Level 2 certification (or equivalent skill ability) is a prerequisite for this course. Purpose: builds on the skills in Level 2 by providing additional guided practice in development of swimming strokes. All level 3 students will also receive a Waddles in the Deep full color booklet that reinforces learning and provides parents with additional information about their childs progress. Students will also pass the requirements for the Cub Scout Swimming Sports Pin. The level 3 classes have a low instructor to child ratio and many have an instructor aids.

All students who participate in the Learn-To-Swim courses will receive a checklist of all requirements passed while in the course.

Water Entry and Exit
Jump into deep water from the side
Headfirst entry from sitting or kneeling position
Breathe Control and Underwater Swimming
Submerge and retrieve and object
Bobs with the head fully submerged
Rotary breathing
Buoyancy on Front
Front glide-kick one
Front glide-kick two
Survival float
Buoyancy on Back
Back glide-kick one
Back glide-kick two
Back float
Changing Direction and Position
Change from vertical to horizontal position on front
Change from vertical to horizontal position on back
Tread water
Swim on Front
Front crawl
Butterfly kick and body motion
Swim on Back
Back crawl
General and Personal Water Safety
General water safety rules
Rules for safe diving
Rules for safe boating
Enter the water wearing a life jacket
BSA Safe Swim Defense Plan
HELP position
Huddle position
Helping Others
Reaching assist
Reach, Throw, Row, Go with support
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