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ARC Learn-to-Swim Level 4 "Stroke Improvement" & Webelos Aquanaut with 2nd class Swimming Skills

Level 3 certification (or equivalent skill ability) is a prerequisite for this course. Purpose: develops confidence through continued practice in the strokes learned from previous classes and improves other aquatic skills. This course will also pass Webelos in the "Aquanaut" requirements and beginning Scouts in their 2nd class swimming requirements. The strokes and skills developed in this course will serve as a basis for entry into the Swimming Merit Badge course.

All students who participate in the Learn-To-Swim courses will receive a checklist of all requirements passed while in the course.

Water Entry and Exit
Dive from compact or stride position
Breathe Control and Underwater Swimming
Swim underwater (no hyperventilation)
Feet-first surface dive
Buoyancy an Front
Survival float
Buoyancy on Back
Back float
Changing Direction and Position
Open turn on front; push off in streamlined position
Open turn on back; push off in streamlined position
Tread water using scissors, breaststroke or rotary kick and sculling arm motions for 1 minute.
Swim on Front
Front crawl
Swim on Back
Back crawl
Elementary backstroke
Swim on Side
Swim on side with scissors kick
General and Personal Water Safety
Additional rules for safe diving
Compact jump from height while wearing a life jacket
Helping Others
Throwing assist
Care for conscious choking victim
Second Class Advancement Requirements
Discuss BSAs safe swim defense
Complete the ARC Exit Skills test #1
Reach, throw, row, go with support
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